Playroom Wainscotting

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We installed wainscotting on all four walls of this playroom. The homeowners wanted this room off the living room to look more formal. The flower decals were removed, and the  damaged walls were prepped with a skim coat to provide a smooth surface. We prepped the walls for painting and installation of the wainscotting.

Playroom wall with decals before wainscotting.


Playroom wall after decals were removed and wainscotting is installed and painted.


Playroom corner wall before wainscotting.


Playroom corner after prep and wainscotting is installed and painted.


Playroom closet wall before wainscotting.


Playroom corner and window after wainscotting.


We installed moulding trim wainscotting in the entire playroom.


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