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Anyone who has ever sold a house knows how important property value is and how “curb appeal” can make or break a sell. According to real estate experts, small updates can be made that cost less and are less time consuming than a complete re-do on the exterior. Jennifer Titus, a real estate agent in the competitive Boston housing market, explains 5 tips that will increase your property value without hurting your wallet. Some can take five minutes, while others may be a weekend project.

  1. Make a big first impression: There’s no better way for a guest to be greeted than with a statement-making decorative chandelier, says Titus. “It’s eye candy, but it also brightens up a space that tends to be underlit and underdecorated.”
  2. Kick the bathroom vanity to the curb: A great way to refresh a home is to switch out boxy (and often timeworn) vanities with sleek cast-iron white pedestal sinks, says Titus. “The bathroom will feel bigger, fresher, and more modern.”
  3. Refresh kitchen cabinets: “One of the highest returns on value for a small money investment in a home is to paint kitchen cabinets that are either aesthetically dated or have excessive wear and tear,” says Titus. Although she recommends having a pro do it (an amateur paint job can make them look worse), she estimates that painting is still 10 to 20 percent the cost of buying brand-new cabinets.
  4. Swap hardware everywhere: “It can be costly to keep up with design trends, but one solid investment for modernizing a home is to replace hardware,” says Titus. “It’s like a simple T-shirt and jeans looking fabulous because they’ve been paired with fashion-forward shoes.” Swap out doorknobs, handles, and knobs on built-ins and shutter latches; polished nickel or bronze are both on-trend and in demand now, she says.
  5. Paint, paint, paint: Repainting your home is the best way to freshen up an interior. Play it safe with your color choices, though. “A neutral paint can reflect light and make a room appear larger,” Titus says. “But the wrong color palette can define and weigh down an entire space.”

Thank you to Miranda Silva from Architectural Digest for the original article.



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