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protect wood from humidity

One of the biggest concerns when remodeling wood projects in the home is humidity. So how can we protect wood from humidity?

Excessive moisture in the air (humidity) ruins the beautiful and natural look of wood. If you live in a predominantly humid climate, there is no need to worry. All it takes is  just a little bit of planning to make sure humidity doesn’t sweep in and destroy those wood projects you have spent so much time working on. Condensation on the glass of windows, for example, can cause moisture damage to wood window frames. Windows these days are highly advanced and have glass that contain gas-filled cavities that keep humidity problems at bay. However, the source of the moisture is often from too much humidity in the room. Here are some suggestions to control and protect wood from humidity in your home:

  • Use a humidifier correctly. It is always a good idea to turn it down as the weather becomes colder.
  • Vent all of your appliances to the outside.
  • Vent out attic spaces.
  • If you have a crawl space, cover the ground in the crawlspace with a vapor barrier.
  • Run exhaust fans while bathing, showering, and cooking.
  • Make sure your house is properly ventilated by a fresh-air intake if you have a forced-air furnace.
  • Install energy-efficient windows.

Thank you to HGTV for the original information on how to protect wood from humidity.



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